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Annina Roescheisen

Born in 1982 in Germany
Lives and works in Paris & New York

Annina Roescheisen is half German and half Slovenian. She grew up in Munich. Since 2009 she lives and works in Paris and New York. She has a Master’s degree in History of Art, Philosophy and Folklore from the Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich. With a further diploma from the EBC (European Business College) she speaks English and French fluently. Before settling down in France, Annina worked for Sotheby’s Munich, specialized in Middle Age Art.

Drawing on her various experiences, Annina has been producing Art since 2012. Iconographies from the past, depicting religious imagery, visual interpretation and poetic staging, the different mediums interact to compose a unique identity.

Describing herself as a multimedia artist, she makes use of video, photography, installation and sculpture in favour of an existential universality, suffused with humanity. The artist plays with the question of identity as an embodiment of the self as a subject, as a present or absent motif is reflected in her artwork.

Putting the whole focus on the words results in visual metaphors for human relationships and patterns of social behaviors that reflect the power of communication through the image. A holistic approach is revealed wherein fields merge: thematic, aesthetic, permanent rebirth, the transgender image that is being sought is finally conceived and composed.

Sculpture that is not static, installative video, a photographic object, technical tools in rhythm with silent or contrapuntal melodies are as much interpretations of the cycle of life as they are unique breaths, reflecting a clear emphasis.

Whatever the object or concept – the inclusion or overlaying of elements from one series to another, from flat surface to composition – duplicating the connection builds the projective narrative of the artist who is constantly bouncing back…

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