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Discovered the magic of film at an early age, and feels he is committed to it for life.

Edgar is the Head of Theatrical Sales at Paradiso Filmed Entertainment.

In his spare time he has numeral film projects in various stages of development.


  1. De Filmkrant
  2. Submarine Channel
  3. Revolver Amsterdam
  5. Paul Geusebroek
  6. Jeroen Houben
  7. Tony Zhou
  8. New AMS Film Company
  9. kogonada
  10. Steven Benedict
  11. Zach Prewitt
  12. Seth
  13. chaosmoon
  14. Klaas Kleiterp
  15. KLEEFT
  16. christa van deth
  17. door Lize.
  18. Navid Tansaz

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