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I am a video artist, based in Brooklyn, working in commercial endeavors too. I enjoy creating original video content as well as VJ-ing a mad mix of cultural iconography from the vast sea of the internet. The internet is not only an abundant ever changing source of visual material but it is also offers pieces of the collective consciousness. As a VJ it is exciting to be able to tap into world mind and reflect bits of it back in different contexts.

Though I love getting abstract and artsy and glitchy, I feel it is important to give people images they are familiar with and may already have a relationship with. Whether that be a video that has gone viral on the internet, historical footage, a recording of somebodies gaming session, a random home video I found interesting, or remixes of movies done by devoted fans.

Once I get my set up going with my laptop and two DVD players it becomes an endless live mashup fueled by and performed in real time in reaction and anticipation of the DJ's and bands as they perform. The style is defined by the way I use effects with real time controls and a choice selection of vj loops as well as how I am responding to the music. There are enough combinations and variables to ensure that no one image is ever performed the same way twice unless with specific intent.

As added immersion I like to keep it real time connected by mixing in live video feeds of performers and audience members alike within bounds of the particular lighting situation.

Though my focus is often on the DJ's I am just as comfortable collaborating and performing with bands of all different styles. The idea of touring with an up and coming indy band appeals to me.

Currently I average two to three gigs a month and am working towards becomoing a full time VJ and Video Artist. If you would like to help me along by booking me, please send me a note. Currently I am booking for the spring/summer/fall festival season and screening bands for my first band-centric music video. Then after that I am aching to get back to some more fine art video work, my next series to follow the Far Away Moving Object series. I'll be performing it as an A/V performance in October

Check out my visual art at rhettbice.com..

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