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William was born in south Louisiana and received his B.F.A in painting from the Northwestern State University of La .The very first school he entered was the renowned l'école de Jeanne d'Arc, in Bastia, Corsica( FRANCE), his mother's birthplace and native land. He is also studied painting at the University of Southwestern Louisiana as well and developed friendships with renowned artists such as Douglas Bourgeois and Elmore Morgan, Erté( birth name Romain de Tirtoff (1892-1990) Field artist, designer of the Movement Art Deco, Dennis Abbe, to name a few. His native language was French, although he spoke both Arabic and French growing up in South La. it multi-ethnic families.
Trying to grow as an artist without having an income from other sources, is nearly impossible in today's world for most artists.
Accordingly, William adapted and developed skills and experience in the food industry as well as retail. Enter New Orleans, his gist metropolitan experience in the urban jungle.
From these experiences, he nurtured his people skills as well as continuing to nurture his artistic skills as well. It was all very challenging.
William's artistic endeavors never stopped, regardless of the challenges. After building relationships with artists such as Erte, Douglas Bourgeois, Elmore Morgan and many more, he was supported on solid professional ground among his peers.
Today, William has been fortified by his prolific repertoire of painting, drawing, photography and other mixed media. He claims that all the various mediums he uses work together as a symphony. Most artists have a tendency to restrain themselves, becoming more inhibited.
William has proudly become just the opposite and the results of his portfolio can attest to that end.
This film project is his latest effort to broaden his repertoire.

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