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In sweaty loft parties, packed dance clubs, rock n’ roll joints and virtually anyplace with speakers you’ll find Gemini Club, who UR Chicago called ‘Chicago’s rising-star indie-electro act’. Formed in March of 2009, the trio comprised of Tom Gavin, Daniel Brunelle, and Gordon Bramli have wasted no time in making their presence felt not only in Chicago, but across the U.S., and the rest of the world. Generating buzz almost immediately after they released their debut EP Future Tidings in August of 2009, Gemini Club truly has the makings of an act destined to make the big break in the music industry.

The desires of the band are simple: Create brilliant dance music, and have fun doing it. But, there is more to these guys than the enjoyment of creating music. The trio has spent countless hours developing a live rig that is designed to successfully fuse the energetic and precise aspects of DJing with live vocals, synthesizers, guitars and bass. While the desires are simple, the objective is clear: Redefine what a “live” performance means. People are taking notice. Gemini Club has already managed to share the stage with DJ Falcon, Juan MacLean, Hercules & Love Affair, Depressed Buttons, Solid Gold, Hey Champ, Tigercity, French Horn Rebellion, and DATABASE, with shows to come with Two Door Cinema Club, WhoMadeWho, and Flosstradamus.

Given the massive attention Gemini Club has received since they released their EP, it should come as no surprise that Gemini Club’s first-ever remix, of The Vanish’s “Hold On”, hit #5 on the Hype Machine Charts; any aspiring producer would kill to receive that much attention on a first-effort. Gemini Club plans to keep that momentum going with remixes on the way with the likes of Housse de Racket, Shinichi Osawa, Golden Bug, Hey Champ, and Moneypenny, as well as releasing their long-awaited – and highly lauded - single “Ghost”. Given all of this production work, and all of the work spent on configuring a cutting-edge live rig, it should come as no surprise that Gemini Club is a busy group. The trio wouldn’t have it any other way.

Press Quotes

“Gemini Club has focused on making their live show as entertaining as possible, and it doesn’t hurt that they put out possibly the best EP I’ve heard all year.” – UR Chicago

“It goes without saying really... but, we think that Gemini Club are one the most exciting bands going at the moment. Forget all these dudes in tight glitter-laden jeans whaling about stuff, Gemini Club are a band who truely know how to get the party started.” – Too Many Sebastians

“Few acts can have the hipsters freaking like electro-pop locals Gemini Club, whose EP "Future Tidings" is something we wished we started spinning months ago. "Show Me a Showdown" is a monster, and your feet are the tiny townfolk in its path.” – Metromix Chicago

“The group could have remained comfortably in the electronic box if it hadn’t broken outside of it with a fairly original cover of “A Day in the Life.” Whether the underage dancers recognized the Beatles tune was not the point, the band made an old classic seem fresh again.” – TimeOut Chicago

“Gemini Club sound like they should have emerged from the UK underground as they possess that 'credible' indie raditude.” – Kill Me Curious

“I wasn’t the only one to like what they heard–by the end of their set, Gemini Club had everyone out of their seats and on the dance floor.” – Members Only AV

“In a market cluttered with a mess of electro cats doing the exact same thing, Gemini Club has been rapidly carving out a solid fan base and a unique sound that offers much promise.” – Chicago Innerview

“Between the outfit’s Future Tidings EP, boasting stand-out tracks like the infectious electro-anthem “Mary’s Day” and comparably harder “Show Me A Showdown,” and the act’s relentless live appearances, Gemini Club show no signs of slowing down.” – Chicago Verse United

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