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Growing up in Ponte Vedra surfing all over from Smyrna to Fernandina I learned where to be and when to score. After graduating in 2005 the move to South Florida to pursue an undergraduate degree at FAU was a big change. I was suddenly surfing a lot less, but not to say I didn't score. I learned where to be and when to find good surf around my new home. Joining the FAU Surf Team during my Sophomore year I quickly became acquainted with the NSSA collegiate circuit. When the current Team Captain and Club President graduated in 2007, I assumed the role for the 07-08 year. The First two years were a learning experience as well as an opportunity to begin establishing the team with more talented surfers. In 2010 we were able to achieve 3rd place at the NSSA regional champs and I took 1st for the College Mens season. With the good result we qualified for Nationals with intentions to go. I was able with the help of my VP Keith Soergel and Treasurer/Girlfriend Gaby Betancourt to convince the school to pay for the travels. We took 10th at nationals out of the nations 18 best college surf teams, not a bad result considering we had never competed on this level before. As well during 2010 I started a local surf report and surf resource for the Palm Beaches With the new endeavor I found my love for photography and film. However in 2011 nearly a year and a half after graduation I made the move back to North Florida and began working with my dad in the family business Fletcher's Medical Supplies. So I now spend my free time surfing or filming and thus we have this profile and vimeo account.

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