Laurell Bay (Julian Green)

Austin, L.A., H-Town, Louisiana

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Hey Friends. I know I get alot of folks who are like "who tha heck is this guy?" Hell I even ask myself that question sometimes. Folks who knew me years ago can attest to how much I've evolved and so its agreeably hard to keep up.
My Story? Well which one? HAHA! I'm half artist and half business/military professional.I'm both a Pisces and an Empath with high emotional intelligence, which makes for a unique personal leadership style. I love investing time, effort and money in individuals to see them succeed in their own endeavors.
As an entrepreneur I have audacious plans. As an Artist who writes, sings, acts, etc... I want my work to have a global impact. As a military Officer I've had the privileged of aiding in the success of various missions.
I'm an advocate for meditation, yoga, and for maintaining healthiness in body, spirit and mind.
S/O to my 5yr old princess. Looking forward to having a happy family nucleus of my own some day. SHALOM!

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