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The Visual Effects Company is one of the most experienced motion control companies in the world. Since its inception in 2003 it has established itself as a market leader and continues to push boundaries in motion control and visual effects filming,

The founder members of The VFX Co. were pioneers of live action motion control filming from their early days at Cell Animation. During their time at the company they worked on several groundbreaking commercials and pop promos, including the award winning ‘Guinness Journey’ for Blink productions and Michel Gondry’s iconic ‘Hyperballad’ for Bjork.

In 1996 the team moved on to set up the camera division of new facility Mill Film. Mill Film went on to be the first effects company in the UK to win an Oscar, for visual effects work on ‘Gladiator’. While at Mill Film the group worked on feature films such as Ridley Scott’s ‘Hannibal’, Tony Scott’s ‘Enemy of the State’, Steven Spielberg’s ‘Saving Private Ryan’ and ‘Moulin Rouge’ for Baz Luhrmann. Major commercials shot include Lincoln’s ‘Amazing Journey’ and Mercedes ‘Noah’s Ark’ for Gerard De Thame, ‘Adidas Clone’ for Medhi Norowzian and ‘Walkers Crisps’ for Paul Weiland.

Now based in Soho, London, The VFX Co. has a reputation that spans the globe and the company works with many of the world’s leading directors. Recent high-profile projects include feature films such as ‘Harry Potter’, ‘Sweeney Todd’ and ‘Sherlock Holmes’, as well as many commercials such as ‘British Airways’ for Daniel Barber at Knucklehead, ‘XBox Guitar Hero’ for Daniel Askill at Radical Media, and Grand Prix award-winning ‘Philips Carousel’ for Adam Berg at Stink.

In August 2009 The Visual Effects Company launched its post-production facility, 66 London, to capitalize on the success of its existing camera effects business. 66 London gives the group the ability to complete entire projects, from pitch to final delivery, and has already produced work for Disney, Sony AXN, ITV creative services and Warner TV.

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