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New York, NY

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The Not Impossible Foundation is an emerging non-profit organization comprising thinkers, dreamers, and doers. By fusing imagination and technology we are developing creative solutions to real-world problems. We believe in the collective good for the collective gain. It’s like the 60’s—but with the Internet, cell phones and Facebook.

At our core, we think that most things people need are indeed possible – and not necessarily expensive. We just have to look at it from an unencumbered, non-hierarchical, apolitical perspective.

We believe that ideas that once seemed impossible are entirely “not impossible” when the right people are connected and empowered.

Everybody has a gift. The faster the word spreads about what we’re doing, the more people step forward and offer their help, services, donations, food, connections, etc. We hope our initiative will encourage more people to tackle other “not impossible” projects and solutions. This is just the beginning.

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