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Allan Fiterman has left his native country of Brazil at the age of 24 to pursue his dream of becoming a filmmaker. Ten years later, he is a graduate with an M.F.A in Film Production, from Chapman University.

Fiterman's talent was recognized with a Best Producer Cecil award the year he graduated, and most recently by accepting the Ron Thorson Distinguished Alumnus 2006 award.

While teaching directing and cinematography classes at the New York Film Academy in Los Angeles, Allan Fiterman joined Rover Films to co-produce, direct and shoot the independent feature "Living The Dream". The drama stars the well-known actress Sean Young (Blade Runner), now being internationally released.

Following the completion of "Living The Dream", Fiterman returned to his native Brazil to direct and shoot his second feature entitled "Embarque Imediato" (Now Boarding), starring Marilia Pera (Central Station, Pixote) and Jonathan Haagensen (City of God), shot in Rio de Janeiro. Currently Allan is directing shows for TV GLOBO

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