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documenting the relationship between art and social change

Directed by Jessica Habie
Produced by Nirah Shirazipour
Edited by Rabab Haj Yahya
~ Meet Me out of the Siege~ Two exiled Palestinian painters meet in France to discuss the aesthetics of exile, and reflect on creative life under the Israeli Occupation.
~ Jerusalem in Exile~ is a film that explores and searches for the visual images of Jerusalem in the nostalgic minds of Palestinians globally. In this film photographer Steve Sabella and poet Najwan Darwish explain how Jerusalem currently exists as a city in 'exile', where Palestinians are forbidden from accessing it.
~Kan Yama Kan~ means ‘once upon a time’ in Arabic. Through a multimedia installation of photography, wood and paint, six influential Palestinian artists explore the threads of story and symbol that unite the Palestinian narrative.
~ Beyond Blue and Gray~ investigates creative life under occupation. How do the continual cycles of violence, curfew and movement restrictions affect the artists color choice, language or treatment of subject? How can a Palestinian artist protect his or her work from the stereotypes of politics and the poetic ravages of war?

Directed by Jessica Habie
Produced by Nirah Shirazipour
Edited by Effi Cohen
~ Mandatory Service~ The cultural impact of Israeli society’s militarization has both challenged and stifled the cultivation of creativity in the country. Mandatory Service asks a series of often ignored questions about how forced military service – and resistance to it – influences Israeli artists' efforts to re-civilize the consciousness of Israeli society (received BEST DOCUMENTARY SHORT FILM at Tribeca Film Festival in 2008)
~ Art and Apathy~ is an exploration of political art in Israel, woven together through visual compositions with courageous underground voices and mainstream artists treading the edges of controversial political conversations.
~The Last Artist~ is a lyrical and visual reflection on the Jewish tradition of speaking up against injustice.
~One Breathes Time~ asks one simple question: how much damage can be done in one breathes time?

Directed and Produced by Nirah Shirazipour
Edited by Rabab Haj Yahya
~Unrecognized- is a journey into the most marginalized section of Israeli society- life in the 49 Unrecognized Bedouin villages. Uprooted from their traditional nomadic way of life and the vast expanses of land in the Negev desert, the Bedouin are now struggling not only for basic human rights and resources, but to maintain the essence of their culture and community.

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