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  1. Petya Vasileva //Pefo Studio.com

    Petya Vasileva //Pefo Studio.com PRO Sofia, Bulgaria


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    Pefo Studio is a boutique photography and cinematography studio dedicated to create breath-taking wedding movies and photographs, as well as to focus on the wedding couples for telling their own story in the most beautiful way. Based in Sofia, Bulgaria, but our team is available for traveling all over…

  2. Videopaint

    Videopaint Plus Punta Cana, Dominican Republic


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    Our company is dedicated to video productions, specialized in weddings in the area of Punta Cana, Dominican Republic since 2005. The sets of our productions are the fairy tales hotels and the beautiful and pristine beaches which are unique to this country.

  3. photo souvenir
  4. Video Punta Cana

    Video Punta Cana Plus Punta Cana - Dominican Republic


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    Innovation - Creativity - Flexibility - Emotions - Passion and Responsibility for capturing beautiful moments in Life...

  5. Michael Justin Studios

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