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Michal Shapiro is a singer, producer, journalist and videographer specializing in music, with an emphasis on world music. She received her AFTRA card at the age of nine, and attended the High School of Performing Arts in New York City. She majored in Fine Arts at Queens College (NY) and has had her paintings exhibited in numerous shows as well as used in television programs and movies. (Most conspicuously, her work adorned the office of Don Draper at Sterling Cooper, in the popular television series “Mad Men.”) From 1995-2000 she produced many award winning CD compilations for the Ellipsis Arts label. Her paintings and CD productions can be viewed online at michalshapiro.com. From 2000 to 2010 she was the Director of Music Programming for Link TV, where she was responsible for the musical content of the channel. In 2009 she started a world music video blog now carried by the Huffington Post. She has documented music from all over the world, often traveling to distant places to do so. On leaving Link TV she started her own site at inter-muse.com to archive all her past vlogs as well as to house all new work going forward. The vlogs that Ms. Shapiro creates serve a twofold purpose: to capture a moment in time, and to bring attention to great music that is often overlooked.

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