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Tim Halperin has been immersed in the music scene since he began taking piano lessons at age six. Growing up in Omaha, Nebraska, he wrote and played music with several bands in high school, and all the while played piano and sang at church on the worship team. When Tim entered college at Texas Christian University, he found inspiration to write new songs and decided to stop playing with bands and enter the singer/songwriter scene. The authentic, emotion-packed music Tim wrote struck a chord with fellow students and the surrounding community of Fort Worth and Dallas. This support led Halperin to play more shows and record his debut CD.

In the past two years, Halperin has organically established himself as a singer/songwriter with a future that only continues to look brighter in the face of opportunity. Tim’s piano-based pop music has a hint of jazz and an aroma of his biggest influences such as Ben Folds and Elton John. Fans will tell you that Tim’s way with catchy melodies and his unmistakable rhythmic piano vibe are his most distinctive traits. With the debut release of Tim’s You Are the Moon EP in January of 2008, his fan base began to grow and demand more music. Shortly after this release, Tim’s music was featured on XM Radio in February of 2008. Tim also had the opportunity of making guest appearances on NBC’s Kansas City Live and on radio stations across Texas, Nebraska, and Illinois. One year after Halperin’s debut release, his music was named among the best in 2008 by The Fort Worth Star Telegram. In October of 2009, a new EP entitled "Make or Break" was released for free download at NoiseTrade.com. This EP was produced by Brian Kieta of Fort Worth, Texas. Kieta has produced for many artists including Green River Ordinance and April Geesbreght. Halperin has been handing this EP out as he travels to colleges and universities in the South and Midwest as a part of the Tim Halperin Sorority Tour. In the first month of release, Make or Break was named a Critics Choice on OurStage.com and was featured on AOL Music.

With confidence and determination, Tim continues to play shows in the Dallas Metroplex, as well as in the surrounding cities. Tim has played with artists such as Jon McLaughlin, Matt Wertz, Andy Davis, the Ying Yang Twins, and Green River Ordinance. With his overwhelming success, Tim has plans of bringing his music to people on a broader scale. With solid roots, a genuine love for music, and proven ability, Halperin will continue to make his mark on the music industry.

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