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  1. Guitar Music

    by Padre Jaime joined

    28 Videos / 12 Members

    All guitarist musical expressions

  2. guitar players

    by catarino joined

    54 Videos / 22 Members

  3. Fretboard Journal Readers

    by fretboardjournal joined

    44 Videos / 24 Members

    A video group where all Fretboard Journal readers and fans can post their own videos. Show off your instrument collection, play a tune, interview a local luthier, you name it. The Fretboard Journal…

  4. The Guitar Group

    by My Cat joined

    182 Videos / 46 Members

    This is a place to discuss guitars. Here you can say who your favorite player is, upload videos of yourself and your guitar, talk about amps and more.

  5. Vimeo Guitar Players

    by hezz05 joined

    424 Videos / 174 Members

    A group for players of acoustic, electric and bass players of any kind and from any genre. Come show your jamming prowess or play some tunes, discuss music and your favorite instrument with other…

  6. Guitar Rocks!

    by Andrew Wilson joined

    507 Videos / 214 Members

    This is a Vimeo group for anyone who loves guitars, whether it's playing them or just listening to their sweet melody.

  7. Acoustic Guitar Group

    by Gitaarsalon joined

    1,041 Videos / 365 Members

    This group was made for all ACOUSTIC guitars. Feel free to add your own videos.

  8. fish, sea life, & oceans

    by bluefire242 joined

    1,438 Videos / 572 Members

    Welcome to fish, sea life, & oceans! Add your videos of any free nature living in the water, oceans, coral reefs, lakes, rivers, you name it. No Aquarium or fish tank videos, please. Let's…

  9. Wildlife, Astronomy and Nature

    by Alan Wood joined

    1,262 Videos / 539 Members

    My interests are filming wildlife and nature, as well as astrophotography and film. You are welcome to add your own film to this group.

  10. Camping & Hiking

    by Chuck Reynolds joined

    454 Videos / 360 Members

    A general add any camping and/or hiking videos to the group to show off where you've been.

  11. nature

    by Christian Thorge Schmidt joined

    2,228 Videos / 612 Members

  12. Nature Cinema

    by Adam Gichie joined

    7,286 Videos / 2,528 Members

    A place to share videos and technical information for videos with a 'Nature and surroundings' theme.

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