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Y2D Productions Inc. is a Montréal-based Production Company, whose principal focus is to create and tour original, innovative and entertaining shows for the international performing arts market. The company specializes in working with a broad spectrum of creative talent to develop shows that combine various artistic disciplines including theatre, dance, music, acrobatics and the circus arts into a unique and exciting form of art and entertainment.

Y2D's shows, usually developed in collaboration with other internationally known production companies, draw upon the creative talents of renowned directors, choreographers, lighting, set and costume designers, composers and performers.

Y2D Productions has collaborated with, amongst others, Media- FX, Debra Brown and Apogee Productions, Les Gens d'Aire, Les 7 Doigts de la Main and the Berlin-based production companies Circle of Eleven, Brix Productions and Chamäleon Productions.

Y2D Productions is led by Gregg Parks.

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