Fort Wilson Riot

Minneapolis, MN

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The music of Fort Wilson Riot is filled with a genuine energy. A

sort of musical mania that is passionate, politically concerned, and socially empathetic. Both gentle and strange, both reckless and aware.

Melodic, gripping vocal harmonies, and clever guitar licks. Interwoven key board melodies, and trumpet (typically played simultaneously), accompanied by sampled and sequenced beats. The styles range from sweet ballads, to rousing rockers, to thumping dance tunes, to frantic experimental prog-pop. They initially gained local notoriety for their stirring live performances, and have gone on to garner *national attention* with the smash hit indie-rock opera Idigaragua. The winter found them holed up in a mix of studio and bedroom laying down tracks for twenty new tunes that have them exploring a more stripped back sound that is less busy and frantic with more subtleties. Entitled the "Predator/ Prey" recordings they are planning a series of releases that all share a collective mood and compliment each other in a unique, yet familiar, listening experience.

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