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-Made is about fabulous accessories
-Made is about empowering developing communities
-Made is there, from concept to completion
-Made is unique

These aren't empty statements. They're simple facts.

We're not about naive idealism. And we doubt you are. We're about producing gorgeously unique, high quality designer accessories for style-savvy shoppers. But in doing this we're able to radically improve the lives of impoverished communities in developing countries.

All made products are designed by influential designers, then sourced and created within disadvantaged communities across East Africa.

Following the principles of fair trade we train local artisans in new skills, providing fair wages and support at every level. Via this 'trade not aid' ethos we believe we can help break the cycle of poverty and empower the people who create our products.

The powerful concept behind made is the brainchild of Cristina Cisilino. Having spent many years in the world of fashion, Cristina's love of Africa, coupled with her belief in trade not aid, led her to join forces with partner Gerson Barnett. Together they have created an accessories brand with a conscience.

That brand is made - by the people for the people.

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