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Gravity is a highly dynamic integrated, marketing, content and communications company whose powerful combination of innovation and design are aligned to help brands drive meaningful, dynamic messaging and imagery. We are fanatical generators of community-driving ideas that are supported by high-end digital video content or platforms that attract audiences - whether they experience them on websites, in social/mobile applications, or in other forms of online marketing. For more than a decade we have provided unique, unparalleled multi-platform digital experiences supplemented by our offerings of design, effects animation for major motion pictures, commercials, advertising content, television, brand films, web films, alternative media, motion outdoor, exhibition projects and more. Gravity’s powerful combination of strategy, design and innovation is geared to help brands drive powerful interactions with their products. Our clients partner with us to utilize a team of over 250 artists, designers, producers, strategists, brand experts and technical wizards in New York, Los Angeles and Tel Aviv.

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