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I'm an ex film editor and used to work in the local film industry. I have worked with 35mm, 16mm, Super 8 and regular 8mm films. I now work as a video technician but I still have my passion for super 8 filmmaking. There is something about the look and feel of film that video can not duplicate. I hope there is enough of us out there that will keep this format going for years to come.

If anyone is interested I do have some Super 8 sound film Kodachrome 40 (1993) in 200' cartridges for sale. Please send me a message for more information.


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  1. Hi Thomas, The blue cast on the film was from the telecine transfer unfortunately. The original films colour was much better. I didn't use any filters other than the 85a filter built into the camera. Thanks for your comments, Craig
  2. Hi, I found you from the youtube video you may have bought this 200ft super8 cassette form, maybe not, but I really liked you film and wanted to ask u some quick questions: Did you intend for the film to have the blue cast of could that have been…