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Toronto, Canada

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Happy Sleepy is Magda Wojtyra and Marc Ngui, two Canadian artists who both studied architecture at the University of Waterloo, and have been more or less Toronto based since then.

We have been together as a couple for 10 years, working on drawings and paintings, soft sculpture and toys, photos and digital art, installations, video, and comic books. Happy Sleepy is the name of the first stuffed toy that Magda made based on a creature Marc drew.

Marc makes drawings for many of the websites Magda designs, and we often work together on various art projects.

Since 2005 we have been travelling full time around the world, doing work from laptops. We spent time in Vancouver, Montreal, Central America, South East Asia, a year in the French countryside with side trips to Rome, Berlin and Amsterdam, and 4 months in south India and a month in Nepal. Currently we are in Los Angeles, and checking out California and area in general.

The long term travel gave us freedom to explore in depth ideas and models of human consciousness and evolution, as well as ply ourselves with all kinds of delicious and colourful cultural and natural splendour.

We are especially interested in living with sustainable luxury and closely with the natural world.

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