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  1. 04:24

    Alaskan Coast trip, August 19-26 2012

    by Lyndon Lorenz

    3 Videos

    Video impressions of an ocean voyage on Holland America's Oosterdam, with remixed soundtrack files from Kevin MacLeod (

  2. 50:08

    Architecture & Urban Design

    by Lyndon Lorenz

    22 Videos

    Music videos using public-domain footage with soundtracks from original music & CC-licensed remixes, inspired by architecture, urban design, and community planning

  3. 01:17:26

    Design & Engineering

    by Lyndon Lorenz

    31 Videos

    Original mashup music videos covering AEC and design-driven topics

  4. 11:26

    Feverish Murmurs From A Sick Man's Dreams

    by Lyndon Lorenz

    7 Videos

    These tracks (and more) are available as free music downloads! Grab them right now at Feverish Murmurs From A Sick Man's…

  5. 11:34

    Historic Hoboken

    by Lyndon Lorenz

    8 Videos

    Examinations of how Hoboken's built environment has changed and endured over time, using public-domain and CC-licensed resources remixed with contemporary footage

  6. 13:13

    Historic New York

    by Lyndon Lorenz

    9 Videos

    Examinations of New York City's built environment, and how it has both changed and endured over time, using public domain photography, maps, and film overlaid onto contemporary video footage.

  7. 02:46

    Mirror 7

    by Lyndon Lorenz

    2 Videos

    Mirror 7 is composed of nine video shots, but it’s been exported and released into two versions: “a” and “b”. In each of these two versions, the same nine shots have…

  8. 23:34

    NASA remixes

    by Lyndon Lorenz

    9 Videos

    Video shorts using NASA-produced film and video as a basis for creating remixes (along with Creative Commons-licensed or original soundtracks) that educate and inspire.

  9. 02:16:13

    Prelinger Mashups

    by Lyndon Lorenz

    60 Videos

    Music video from Lyndon Lorenz featuring public-domain clips from the Prelinger Archive remixed with original and CC-licensed soundtracks. See individual descriptions for details on each. The…

  10. 10:04

    Rock & Roll Covers

    by Lyndon Lorenz

    5 Videos

    Remakes of classic rock tunes

  11. 58:30

    Science & Education

    by Lyndon Lorenz

    25 Videos

    Promoting science education with public-domain and CC-licensed video mashups, remixed to original and CC-licensed soundtracks

  12. 04:32

    Society for Design Administration

    by Lyndon Lorenz

    2 Videos

    The SDA advances management and administrative professionals in the AEC industry through education, networking, and resources. Our New York chapter's website is, or look up a chapter…

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