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BIOSPHOTO, Photo library specialized in Nature, Environment and Garden

Created in 1987 by Catherine Deulofeu, BIOSPHOTO, is established itself as a militant in favor of the environment, getting partnerships with N.G.O. like the WWF.-International but also commercial partnerships distributing collections of famous foreign agencies like Peter Arnold (USA), Still Pictures (UK) or OSF (UK).

In 1999, BIOSPHOTO bought the photo library PhoNE, specialized in wildlife and pets pictures.

In 2000, BIOSPHOTO started its Garden pictures collection, which represents today more than 250 000 pictures thanks to the integration of the more prestigious collections of the world.

In 2010, BIOSPHOTO opens its footages library, specialized in nature, animals and environment clips: BIOSMOTION.

Today, BIOSPHOTO is :

A photographic fund with a double vocation: the aesthetic illustration and the didactic and scientific content.

A full HD right managed clips library

A young iconographic team strictly constituted on biological and botanical scientists

BIOSPHOTO in themes :
Wildlife fauna & flora

Natural habitats and protected areas from the world

Natural phenomenon and elements (weather, season, air, water)
Pets and domestic animals
Environment issues in the world: global warming, natural disasters, sustainable growth, renewable energies, pollutions, waste, etc.
Actions and solutions in favor of human beings and their environment all over the world (developing countries, fair trade, protection and conservation of biodiversity, etc).

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