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Mazel Tov.
Thank you for taking the time to see our work.

Other vendors have a stake in the day of the event. The archival value of photography and film is the future.

We are the ones responsible for your memories after the day of the wedding, for the rest of your lives, and generations to follow. We are really the first generation who can pass our memories on in such detail. We at Simchavision are in an important and privileged position to be the ones who are responsible to document this remarkable day. As visual artists we are in the unique and fortunate position to not only grab onto these moments, but to capture them, enhance them and preserve them. The big picture is the value of our creations here and now, and more importantly their worth as time passes. In fact, many times the reliving part is actually more fun then when it really happened.
This is where we come in.

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