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Life is not designed to preserve, instead to use it... now, it's your chance to go get it! Romeo C. Lobedecis Jr.

Success comes from an ordinary person with an extra ordinary determination!

I'm an educator and I've been teaching for more than 13 years both in general and special education settings. I am currently teaching at the high school teaching Vocational Education to students with specific learning disability. My undergraduate degree is in Architecture and my graduate study is in Special Education. I love teaching and no wonder why I ended up in this career-education! However, I still have a passion and dream that someday, am going to pursue my Architectural skills once become bored with my current job. Hmmm....

I am married to my lovely wife-Annafe (an engineer) and we have a daughter-Fiona, 27 months old and Arielle, 16 months old.

Basically when I'm not at school, am on the road or on the trail, running. And sometimes when I got bored at home, I simply take my camera and take more photos outside-parks or anywhere. And above all, my wife really hated this... when I'm on the computer surfing or updating my facebook account in a regular basis. So all in all, I am a busy person and always on the go. As my wife said, I'm a kind of person who always wanted to stay outside to do something interesting...

What else can I say that most people do not know about me?... hmm... Well I am a legal resident here in the US and It's been a while since the last time I visited Manila, Philippines. So maybe in the next 4 years or so? Anyway, to all of my friends who will read or been reading this... I hope you enjoyed my little history about my self. And above all, I appreciated your time in reading this humble short background about me. Thanks a lot!

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