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My current educational level is: College
I attend Truett-McConnell College (Cleveland, GA) and wish to major in media communications at another school once I have graduated from Truett-McConnell.
I was a homeschooled until age 18, at which point I entered college.

One of my passions in life is to praise Jesus through creative media, particularly sound and video media.
Creating movies has always been a fun hobby for me, and more recently, experimental music.

Right now I have yet to create very many movies, but that will change in the near future.


  1. Wave Church
  2. C3 Church San Diego
  3. Adam Nies
  4. Giant Step Films
  5. Alex Puigcerver
  6. Allister Reynolds
  7. dlew
  8. newsboys
  9. Jordan Clarke
  10. Invisible Engine

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  1. Great location! Love filming there myself! As you said, that lens flare is superb. The video has an organic feel to it, suitable to the music it seems. Nice work.