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Washington, DC

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"A little bit disco, a little bit rock & roll"

I enjoy life at a little faster than normal pace, with an accompanying soundtrack to follow. Born and raised in and around Boston. I love experiencing new things, and am attracted to people and things that are a little different, interesting, imperfect, and that keep my attention and can challenge me. Very spur-of the moment, instinctual, and easy-going but also opinionated and passionate. I think ambition, drive, and success are important qualities, but I also believe in enjoying the present equally. I watch a lot of movies and listen to a lot of music. I memorize song lyrics and movie quotes quite easily and then utilize this useless knowledge into my daily conversations, confusing many people. I love the beach, the sun, and the tranquility and beauty of nature and the outdoors. Oh I’m also tall, skinny, blond, and Irish/Scottish/Italian/French.

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