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"We need to make it bigger"...

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  1. Dave Creu commented on GH13 25mm f1.4
    Hi Jon, Hope you're doing well! Just checking out some of your older GH-series stuff, and I've got to say that you have a great eye, and lots of natural talent! Also had a look at the Sony Hx9v footage from a while back. It seems that you can make…
  2. I just became a Christian all over again after watching this.
  3. Thanks for the video Tony. Nice job! If I'm honest, the slo-mo shots look more filmic. The regular footage does look like video. I view a large amount of film content from independents and studios (tests as well), so I am very well aware of "the…
  4. Nicely done Johnnie. Any new findings on the HDMI output??
  5. Thanks Giulio, It would be nice to see how much DR the sensor is capable of presenting without curves.