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The Dalles, Oregon + Ghost Rock

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A limited production + short film engagement
Directed by MontBlond
Zane McGaughy has just received the deed to his estranged aunt Blanche’s dilapidated ranch. The very ranch his own mother was banished from years ago after stealing her sister’s fiance. Upon Zane’s arrival with younger sister Mila, and wife Dusty the trio clash with the bitter ghost of aunt Blanche and her insufferable heartbreak. Turns out, broken hearts do linger.
Historical reference.“Blanche McGaughey's Sensation,”
Winnipeg Tribune, 12 August 1913
The bronc riding controversy reached its zenith in 1929, a year in which several other events including the Depression and formation of the RAA, an organization of contest producers from Western States, combined to alter the position of rodeo cowgirls.