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Specializing in unscripted reality television MORNING DEW PICTURES creates and produces authentic reality, documentary, music, comedy, and event programming.

After the success of the critically acclaimed docu-soaps “Baldwin Hills” and “Harlem Heights”, creator SHERI MAROUFKHANI and famed fashionista HEIDI DILLON formed Morning Dew Pictures to exploit their diverse backgrounds and varied experience and to create innovative and inspiring entertainment. Morning Dew Pictures brings passion, commitment, and an undying love of art, music, filmmaking, and fashion to every project they undertake.

Sheri and Morning Dew partner/Director MICHAEL McNAMARA have extensive experience in all facets of development and production across numerous genres of television from comedy to reality & documentaries, commercial & music videos, to talk, live music, panel shows, and political media. Combining their vast production experience with the cutting edge technologies, compelling storytelling, and evocative visual style, they have produced some of the best looking and most original content on television.

Morning Dew Picture’s ability to discover new worlds and personalities, and to build characters, reveal drama, tension, truths, and triumphs in their subsequent productions is incomparable.

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