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Filmmaker Alex Karmios's career began participating as a model at catwalk - fashion shows and later on, as a character in a couple T.V. commercials (1999-2001). Thrilled by the process of creating moving image and the rush of it, he decided to attend class at the Film Studies department of New York College in Athens, Greece (2003). His first experience in a professional organized movie set was with the film "Straight Story" (2006). One thing brought to another and by the millennium's first decade he got mostly known as a fashion photographer. Through his work in still photography, his fate led him to the music industry doing album covers and portraiture for music artists & bands like "U.N.S.I.N." and "KAY and the Schooldrivers". By then, already having directed a couple shorts and participated in many other productions in different fields, even as a cinematographer for a short that made it to the official short film selection of the 61st Cannes Film Festival (FLAT, 2008), the next step was to get involved with music videos. Alex, today is working in the film industry as a director and cinematographer being in development and production of several projects with the music video "Acid" of "U.N.S.I.N" (2010) having launched his career forward, for good.


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