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I am an Italian Videomaker and musician now based in Sassari (ITALY). I made lots of short films, music videos, documentaries and commercials as a director, editor, music composer and operator.
I studied Art (Academy of Fine Arts, Italy), filmmaking (New York Film Academy) and music (Conservatory of Music, Italy).

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  1. False colours are very very useful to see at the same time the exposure for skin tones and clipped areas. It is more useful than the waveform monitor. This tool should be implemented inside the A7s as well as the conversion s-log monitor to rec709.
  2. As far as I know, in Japanese the word "Shogun" should be pronounced "Shogoon".
  3. Hey Andrew, thank you for this test. As far as I can see, the dynamic range of this camera is quite low. The highlights are clipped and the blacks are crushed. Or maybe is because of the ND filter at night. I don't know