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I am a motion designer, filmmaker, and fine artist. My artistic training has a foundation in traditional fine art and design with an emphasis in painting, drawing, and printmaking. My desire to learn led me to pursue and earn a bachelor of fine arts degree in painting and printmaking from Murray State University and a master of fine arts degree in painting and drawing from the University of Georgia. I have been able to apply this training to a breadth of experiences in areas of art, graphic design, gallery supervision, art installation, screen printing, and teaching.

During the past six years, I have embraced digital technology and recognized the incredible possibilities for expression in areas of animation, video, and film. As a continued effort to learn my craft, I recently earned a master’s degree in animation and new media from North Carolina State University. For me, the mediums of animation and film have a magical quality and provide a perfect opportunity to integrate my love of art, design, storytelling, and music in an expressive and accessible format. I’m currently exploring storytelling through the language of 2D/3D animation, live-action filmmaking, digital illustration, and sound design.

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