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I am a Dutch studio/live-sound technician and I own my own small company, Easy Touch Sound Projects. As a keyb.player I did some music for commercials. I did a 2 year evening course for videoprocutions (Syntra) in Belgium 2 evenings a week. My goal is to combine sound and video. For instance: live recordings of concerts, small movies, documentaries and maybe working with actors.
Goal for being here: to see, learn, feel, network and receive some comments on my video's as a learning process.
Canon HX-A1.
Data-Video DN-60 Recorder.
WD-H72 72mm 0.8x Wide Angle Lens
Raynox Macro lens.
JVC GY-HM100e HD cam.
HV-30 HD cam.
Final Cut Studio/FinalCutPro X
Motion 4-5
Steadicam Merlin.
Manfrotto 525-519 tripod kit.
Nikon D5100 with multiple lenses.


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