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  1. Ted Henry & Jody Cleary

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  1. SAI RAM ......thank you AL for sharing this Sacred Sai story. (thank you TED and JODY)
  2. I agree with Rajesh's assessments about Dr. Anand!!!! thank you so much for posting this interview Ted and Jody. SAI RAM
  3. VERY FEW ARE AS YET AWARE OF THIS!!!!!! ...but very soon..it will all be public!!!!!!!
  4. ....now...to love all SELFs as OWN SELF....even those seemingly ignorant selfs that hate and abuse...it is all for a purpose ....to purify...
  5. DEAREST SANJAY..... :) ....love you DEAR SANJAY SELF
  6. a MASTERPIECE video for the ages...thank you DEAR COSBY SELF