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As a boomer with lotsa time and little money, I find that day by day, I simply do what I want with the resources I have, with no expectations except for that which I post here: I hope it will bring a smile to someone in the world.

I tend to flow from one passion to another, never accomplishing too much, but staying fairly safisfied. My passions have been photography, playing guitar, songwriting, painting, writing, reading and walking. I've walked the longest.


  1. Nicolaus Wegner

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  1. Thora commented on Ascension
    Beautiful to watch. I did not understand the significance of the gold bird. Helpful and then snowballed?
  2. Thora commented on Lorn "Inverted"
    I don't know . . . another video I guess I didn't get. I have to say, it was not enjoyable.
  3. Hardly worth me saying I liked it after all the accolades. Congratulations!