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…seeking the enigmatic holes of shared experience—those breaches covered over, as if unsightly, by the image, sound, and textual impulses of mediated existence…

“The way up was through tangled thickets…” The Ochre Valley, 1998

“…it is language, the naming of things, that separates us from original places, from origins. So the unity that once existed between landscape and habitation is severed, perhaps irreparably. Ironically, the way back to that unified sensorium is through language. A passage back through words, through utterances, to call forth the elemental simplicity of first places.

Jordan Biren does not want to return to that elemental simplicity. But through the deliberate rehearsal of his videoworks, he seeks a unity where language, the things referred to, and the indescribable emotion between work in consort, evoking a sense of being-in-this-place. Biren’s is no nostalgic retreat into an original Edenic unity, but a developmental project, an evolving try out, for a return to the efficacy of utterance. Make no mistake about it: images matter, desperately—images in a medium that favors the eye over the ear and certainly over enunciation.

But what of Biren’s videoworks? Strongly crafted, composed in startling stasis, infested by text spoken or otherwise. And each work an incremental advance from the last, evolving in slow retort from one to the next, moving closer toward the dimensions of his being. “

Steve Seid, Carefully Worded: The Videoworks of Jordan Biren

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