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Enig'matik Records welcomes you to a world of sonic manipulation and experimentalia.

Our sole goal here is to blur genre lines, push the envelope and generally bring together like minded artists who are in it for the music, for the emotion it can convey and the unification it can achieve. Hand Picked artists have been chosen as their production qualities take detail and glitch work to blistering new levels. These are songs that evoke deep emotions, conjure visions and generally make you stop and think.

This first compilation, Painting Pictures on Silence, explores the vast palette of musical tastes by label creator Sun In Aquarius, who has handpicked a astonishing selection of producers from both Australia and abroad who he truly believes are the pinnacle of glitch based musical production on the planet.


  1. Ethno Tekh
  2. Cineversity
  3. Creative Tools
  4. yader
  5. subBlue
  6. Elliott.G.Montello
  7. Heliofant
  8. Jun Fujiwara
  9. G8 Labs
  10. Mikhail Sedov
  11. Perpetual Beta
  12. ʞounterpart
  13. Menno Fokma
  14. OFFF, let's feed the future
  15. Onesize
  16. candas sisman
  17. Emrah Gonulkirmaz
  18. Tim Borgmann

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