Steph Vajda

Sri Lanka and Brisbane

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The world is diverse and complex, so why simplify it? Culture is the explanation of this world, our ways of reasoning and understanding, of presenting our interpretations to each other. Through culture and our acceptance and awareness of others cultural practices, we can build a new world, where collaboration and participation are the building stones to equality and access.

Steph is a community empowerment worker and social planner, currently living in Sri Lanka and voluntarily building a community development organisation.

His approach to work focuses on facilitating personal and community empowerment, predominantly using creative arts engagement with broader participation and organising techniques. This work is about developing ways of encouraging people to connect; with each other, with practical concepts of community, with notions of inclusion and exclusion, with individual and collective visions for the future and with ideas for bringing social change into community practice.

He's particularly interested in governance and people’s access to it through the use of shared celebration spaces, such as public events and festivals, to encourage participation in discussion about social change and our involvement in both what this means and how it can happen.

Steph is also mad about basketball, a drummer and loves to travel, meet people and learn new things...