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Midvale, Utah USA

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My name is Nolan Peacock. I have a unique way of looking at things. I like to make people laugh if I can, because being in a positive atmosphere makes things better for everyone. I’m always looking for ways to improve myself.

I was born in Salt Lake City, Utah on April 1, 1976. I lived in other states while growing up like California, New Mexico, South Dakota, and Virginia. Graduated high school in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico. I first went to college in Rocklin, California. I later joined the Army National Guard: my first station was in Utah, then later in New Mexico until my term was up. I later worked for the government in Virginia working on Navel ships. When I was laid off, I went back to California and landed some jobs working for a TV station and also did some work at concert halls as an assistant sound engineer. Down the road, I went to work for my high school friend as a drywall contractor and did that for about 4 years. In time, I find myself back to where my life began here in Utah, now going for a film major.

Actor—I have acted in one movie and one commercial.
Sound—An assistant sound engineer for 2 years in the Sacramento Jazz Jubilee and other random concerts that come to town.
Camera—A camera operator for a local TV station in Roseville CA.
Other—A security guard for night clubs; a soldier and a tank mechanic in the Army; and all types of construction.

Jerk Theory—Polarstar Pictures
“Bully in the Bleachers”

Spring Communication Commercial
“The Library Student”


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