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JOSEP POZO has countless credits to his name as a writer and as a director. Born in Spain, one of his most notorious projects is the feature film «El Cid, the Legend» (Filmax Animation, Cartoon Productions / 2003) which has been sold in 48 countries and has obtained several international awards, including Goya for Best Animation Feature Film in 2003. Furthermore, he acts as Creative Producer on feature animation films such as «Gisaku» (Filmax Animation, SEEI / 2004) by Baltasar Pedrosa, «Nocturna, a Magical Adventure» by Adriá García & Victor Maldonado (Filmax Animation, Animakids / 2006), and the animated TV Show «Goomer» by Jordi Amorós (Filmax, TV3 / 2005)

Pozo’s major directorial effort has been the second feature film «Donkey Xote» (Filmax Animation - Lumiq SPA / 2007), this time in 3D. Aside from directing, he produced the shorfilm «Disturbing» (Six Birds / 2011) by Santi Suarez and David Fernández and the film documentaire «Gaelle» by Natalie Johanna Halle (Six Birds, Creative Movies and Global Solutions / 2011).
In winter 2011 co-produce the film “Travel to Surtsey” and writes “Nick” & "Solos RPG" and "Clodette" (Imminent Produccions / 2013) his latest work as Director.

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