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Mikki Del Roio, Dj & Producer, was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
With an early beginning as DJ, at the end of 80’s, he moved along house and progressive styles.
Later, in his facet as producer, founded his own study,*Stereo Mode*,
and drooped for new tendencies with a more techno sound.
His productions, loaded with lines of low deep, generate an almost seismic atmosphere in the dance floor, leaving an emotive impression in the public.

He performed at different clubs in Argentina and Brazil, as Jacko's Bar, Jacko's Club, Roma Disco, Casino Playa Club, Duendes San Bernardo, RYU, Miloca,"Buenos Aires Connection" and "Cool Sounds Sessions", and Major Pulse, Major Lock, Villa Lounge and Insight OutDoor Festival Belo Horizonte, Ilheus Club Florianòpolis, as well.
He already shared the pick-ups with big artists in Buenos Aires, such as a Pablo"G", Marcos Paz, JP Pfirter, Duo Live, Fernando Zárate, Emma Bustos, Zeque, Ale Rojas, CF Groove, Joe Fisher, Marcelo Fratini. and also Dj Camillinha, Dj Desire, Guto Campbell, Gaz James (UK), Dj Gaby, Allan Natal, Leo Mille, Paulo Jardim, Max Grillo, BoomShiva, Net, Mushashi, Daniel Ramon, Cury, Xingu, Freak In Dub of Brazil, and with some more friends like Nico Beliach, Matias Brown, Luciano Le Bihan, Hector Rojas, Gille Leiva,Estani.xTc, Ariel Pickholtz, Alejandro Baratti, Mariano Ferraro, JMD, And.K, among some others.

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