Daniel K. Brown

Wellington, New Zealand

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Architect (USA) and Designer

The primary objective of my architecture research relating to resilience and climate change is to to engage environmental conditions as drivers of architectural forms capable of: storm proofing urban communities; enhancing a community's sustainable water, food and energy capabilities; and reflecting / reinforcing regional and place identity.

The primary objective of my installation work is to address the expression of architectural narrative through designs that challenge the very nature of what architecture is. The largest of the installations redefine public urban sites as architectural interiors through the integration of fire, water, shadow and reflection as spatial definers. History and mythology become the inhabitants as well as the architectural program in the transformation. In the smaller works, even vessels of glass are challenged to act as architectural spaces or spatial definers, inhabited by mythology. The largest of the sites has been a half kilometre length of the Tiber River in the heart of Rome; the smallest an apothecary jar.

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