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X Media Lab is the internationally acclaimed creative industries event. XML creates a meeting place uniquely designed to assist companies and people get their own creative ideas successfully to market, through concept development, business matching, and direct access to world-class networks of creative professionals.

Each XML is a unique event where people with original digital media ideas connect with a superb international network of independent creative thinkers, technology wizards, commercialisation experts, potential business partners, and potential financial resources. The focus of XML is always on you and your ideas.

X Media Lab specialises in building high-value professional networks between the emergent creative industries in China, India, the Middle East, and North and South Asia: the new geographies and new media hotspots that have the highest growth markets, the biggest numbers of consumers, the largest youth markets, and the greatest emerging talent pools. We also stage X Media Lab with partners in selected traditional media hotspots including London, Los Angeles, and Amsterdam.

The 'X' in X Media Lab stands for cross-platform, cross-disciplinary, and cross-cultural.

And lastly, 'X' marks the spot! we look forward to welcoming your participation at any X Media Lab in the time-zone within which we always operate: the near future!

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