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The Somali Community Access Network- SomaliCAN is a 501 (c) 3
community based organization that works to improve the health,
safety, and productivity of New Americans in Ohio through culturally
competent services, information and resources.

Somali refugees in Central Ohio and elsewhere in the US bring with
them a wealth of knowledge, talent, hard work, enthusiasm and
diversity. To use these assets to best benefit themselves, families and
communities, these newcomers need to get support in finding
services they need and learning to navigate throughout this whole
complex new system and completely different setting.

SomaliCAN works through a statewide network of partners,
non-profits, community-based organizations, state and local
governments, academic institutions, and private sector enterprises
to provide the Somali refugees and immigrants with access and the
information pertaining to the available essential services.

In addition to services to new Americans, SomaliCAN also provides
policy research and analysis on international development and
conflict resolution efforts in Somalia and Eastern Africa through the
SomaliCAN Institute.

For information about the SomaliCAN Institute, the policy, research,
consultancy arm of SomaliCAN, please visit somalican.com or
contact us at info@somalican.org.

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