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Pineapple Pictures is a machinima/anymation movie company co-founded by Michael R. Joyce and Kate Fosk.
Kate is an independent film maker working in the North east of England. She makes Machinima films, which are animated movies made using the same technology that drives video games. Mike worked in various positions in the Hollywood film industry for over thirty years.
Mike became interested in making animation once he left the live film industry due to disability. They met as beta testers at Moviestorm a year ago, and formed Pineapple Pictures in October 2007.
Living half a planet apart, they use webcams, virtual reality and conventional internet resources to communicate and work with each other. The machinima film community grew out of technology developed to support the games industry. Players used screen capture devices to share their game play. The some users began to re-edit, and tweak game play to create films which use the gameworld resources, but depart from gameplay.
Since then, a new generation of machinima tools have emerged, which allow film-makers to create movies using game animation tools, but with completely different characters and settings. These new programs mean that Machinima film making is freed from the restrictions set down by game companies about using their assets, film makers are able to use the technology commercially. Now TV shows, advertising and promotional films are made using Machinima technology.

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