Joya Mooi

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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The name Joya Mooi is already beautiful on it’s own, and it sounds promising if you understand the Dutch meaning of the word ‘Mooi’. This new artist embraced music at an early age by listening to jazz. By the age of eleven she started playing the saxophone, but she got more interested in expressing herself vocally. She started to take vocal classes and got accepted to Artez conservatory where she studied jazz during a preparatory course. At that time she discovered other genres of music and began writing her own songs.

A year later she was asked to create a soundtrack all by herself for a theatre play “BH”. This project turned out to become a album with a unique sound thanks to the producers SirOj, Presto, Big2, Hayzee, Wan and Full Crate who took ‘Hard Melk’ to a whole new level.

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