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  1. Kino Euphoria

    by Kino Euphoria joined

    160 Videos 131 Members

    Kino Euphoria is a Kino cell based in Helsinki, Finland. All the Kino activities are managed by Euphoria Borealis ry. More here: http://euphoriaborealis.net/kinoeuphoria What's Kino? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kino_%28movement%29

  2. KinoBerlino

    by Kino Berlino joined

    129 Videos 109 Members

    We collect films made in Berlin / Germany during our annual KinoKabarets or the Kabarets of our friends here. Hier sammeln wir Filme, die in Berlin beim jährlichen KinoKabaret oder bei den…

  3. KinoKabaret

    by Shahin Shokoui joined

    640 Videos 245 Members

    This is the general Group for all KinoKabaret participiants and fans of this great event. Add your favorite Kinos here. What is a KinoKabaret? In short: An event in which people produce…

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