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Biography: Benno je’NI
Benno and Jennifer Klandt of Benno je’NI come from diverse yet complementary backgrounds of academics and performance.Thus, their interdisciplinary approach to their artistic process and practice allows them to seamlessly blade run through the arenas of fine art, performance art, multimedia video production, musical composition, photography, literature and industry.
Benno spent over a decade of his early years training in guitar, ballet, music science and West African drumming. His drumming skills brought him to the Founder and Chief Drummer of the National Ballet of Guinea, a critically acclaimed ballet company who has performed for global institutions such as the United Nations. For many years, Benno performed and drummed with world class performers and musicians and was featured on MTV. He was the Musical Director as well as an avant-garde performer for the Martha ClarkeTheater where he worked with acclaimed artists including Alvin Ailey’s Alistair Butler, Pilobolus dancers, David Lynch’s Michael J.Anderson from Twin Peaks and Manhattan Opera soloists.
Benno began to combine photography and video with his musical compositions and produced many experimental art films and multimedia installations for German nationalTV and radio,highly respected German cultural institutions, German Art Academies, Lotta Svalberg of The Royal Swedish Ballet, Harry Owens’ Salome’s Dream Theater Museum Border Festival,The Cologne Film House, Pop Comm Music Festival, and German national award ceremonies.
Benno wonThe Golden Lotte Award from the Film Academy of Cologne for his experimental art filmTrekka.Benno’s art photography and light box installations are on permanent exhibit and part of the art collections of Mercedes Benz and Repro Eischler, Germany’s leading graphic reproduction company.
His films and multimedia sound and video installations were used for the International Volkswagen Award, Ford and Opal car company shows at the International Automobile Fair in Hannover, Paris and Amsterdam and Basel’s Big Star. For Mercedes Benz, Benno created live sequenced multimedia art installations on 360 degree moveable curved LED walls for over 18,000 employees. His client list includes BMW, Coca-Cola, Deutsche Bank, Equinox, Landrover, Lufthansa, Pernod, Playboy, Peugeot, Sony, Konika Minolta, Suzuki, Vodafone and Yamaha.
Benno’s time based art and performance art fused with industry and the scale in which he worked skyrocketed. He has been doing this ever since. And for the past three years, je’NI has been his business and creative partner.
Benno je’NI own 601Video, A New Movie Company. 601Video specializes in video and photo documentation for corporate and industry events, multimedia installation, pre and post-production, music, sound and trailer production, music video production and contemporary art.
Jennifer (je’NI) attended Georgetown University for her BA. She studied photography within an interdisciplinary art curriculum, focusing on art and music history, critique and creative writing. She then furthered her technical digital photographic skills at the International Center of Photography in NewYork. This led je’NI to her first solo photographic pop up art exhibit in Chelsea, NewYork,
curated by Saisha Grayson-Knoth, the current Assistant Curator of the Elizabeth A. Sackler Center for Feminist Art at the Brooklyn Museum. je’NI trained in dance, singing, voice over, piano, musical composition and theory. She also studied creative writing at NYU with the Flannery O’Connor Award winning literary author Peter Selgin.
je’NI met Benno in New York while performing with the Dunyati Alembic, an avant-garde dance troupe. Benno and je’NI began to collaborate on ephemeral, time based performance art lyrical and melodic abstract narrative, digitized performance art photography, music video productions and musical compositions. Benno je’NI won Second Prize in Digital Art at the 2010 Edition of the Chianciano Museum of Art’s International Photographic and Digital Art Award and Exhibition, affiliated with Oxford University and heralded as one of the most prestigious awards of its kind in Europe. Benno je’NI’s work is published in artnowBooks’“One World, One Art.” They were interviewed for LUXE IMMO, a premier contemporary art and luxury real estate magazine, sold in 34 countries and their interview and part of their body of work was published in the February 2012 issue.Their work is on permanent collection at the LUXE IMMO Gallery in Monaco. Several of their pieces were chosen by Nick Knight and Daphne Guinness for VISIONS COUTURE, a 3D interactive multimedia video installation in Printemps Department Store windows in Paris. Their work is currently in Soho20 Chelsea Gallery’s BACKLASH: an exhibition addressing the current political US climate towards women, on women’s basic rights and freedoms concerning healthcare.
Their current long term art projects include a fashion based performative art film for Scalaria, Austria’s leading corporate event hotel, art films for German spa resorts, an art documentary film and photo book for Louise Bourgeois’ final and unfinished 7 meter sculpture that will hang in the new city center of Vienna, an art film for the first of its kind shopping resort in Europe, with wave- like state of the art architecture in Austria, and an image film for one of Germany’s top pro female super middle weight champion boxers.

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