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Visual Artist focusing on memory, home, place making, keen interest in migration - short films, documentary essays, and participatory projects. I take photos. Make video clips that sometimes become short films, or form part of my partner's films through Makhulu. Check them out :

I studied Anthropology for four years at UCT and Photography at the Market Photo Workshop in Johannesburg. I am curious. Cameras give me an excuse to be nosy, enquire, push through the partially open doors.

"Sydelle Willow Smith is a storyteller first and foremost and her sensitivity to her subject belies a visual instinct that is unstinting in its direct, confrontational edge. Her photographs are for the most part deceptive, an engaging, sexy look at the world that hides, layers and competes with a more puissant, didactic telling of her environment. Her soft yet confident approach allows an assertiveness that is at once free of any pretense, yet imposes a undeniable sense of awe - a respect for vision in both its endless complexity and confounding simplicity". VANSA curator, Lester Adams.

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